Special / Drawing parts

Our special parts are as diverse as your requirements

Not possible, (almost) does not exist

Our special parts are as diverse as your requirements

What begins with the smallest tolerances for bolts or rings does not end with the unusually bent sheet metal parts. Even the abundance of today's technical standards can not cover all the components necessary to solve a technical problem. In addition, new innovative products are increasingly demanding new ideas for implementation and cost-effective mass production.


Based on our experience and competence, we offer you the perfect combination of possible manufacturing processes and corresponding suppliers. There are almost no limits to the variety and combination of the methods.

Product range for special and drawing parts:

  • Turned and milled parts
  • Stamped parts / laser cut parts
  • Bent parts
  • Cast parts
  • Parts in deep-drawing process
  • Plastic parts
  • Combined manufacturing process
  • Heat treatment
  • Surface treatment
  • Batch identification on the component (pressed / lasered)
  • Our suppliers have corresponding approvals / certificates

As for our standard parts, we also work with manufacturers worldwide on drawing and special parts to meet your requirements.


Sometimes flexibility is also required. So not only manufacturing processes can be combined, but also the manufacturers themselves.

These are challenges that we are happy to face for you. 


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