Mechanical Engineering

Competence in dialogue

A diverse industry demands diverse ideas

The mechanical engineering industry is wide-ranging here. Whether classic mechanical engineering, gearbox construction, plant, container or pump construction - these are just a few examples of the diversity in this industry.

Despite the great diversity in this German model industry, one important common feature stands out: the highest requirements on precision and quality - both of the materials and of the fasteners.

The market challenges you and your engineers due to ongoing technical progress.


We are happy to assist you with our product range, because it is just as varied as the mechanical engineering itself.


More than just the standard

Besides DIN and ISO also drawing and special parts

To optimize costs, engineers try to use standard parts whenever possible. However, this is not always possible due to specific component requirements. Even in these cases, we are of course available with drawing and special parts.


Here, we rely on our decades of experience and find the right and most reliable supplier for you. Of course: search engine is fast, but even there you will not necessarily find anything. In addition, quality and reliability are uncertain.


Competence in dialogue

With a sales organization that is clearly focused on areas of application, we secure the greatest possible industry expertise:
Our sales teams will listen to you and use their expertise to offer you exactly what you need.

Our customers in this industry depend on lasting quality. Dimensions, layer thicknesses, material properties, etc. – all this must be right. Sustainable.


Product examples by arrangement (trilobular, self-tapping screws, thread locking, standard parts, ...)


  • Industry expertise
  • Precision and quality
  • Specific product range
  • Kanban and e-commerce (catalogs, EDI, etc.)