Magnetic Plug Systems

Irresistible pull for ferrous abrasion

Magnetic Plug Systems

Irresistible pull for ferrous abrasion

Almost like semiconductor manufacturers, gear manufacturers pay close attention to a clean production facility. Because even the smallest particles damage high-precision gearboxes. Extremely precise everything is coordinated.


Use our magnetic plug systems to ensure long operating times. Although the individual components of a gear are exactly matched, unavoidable abrasion is inevitable.


This abrasion collects on our magnetic systems and adheres permanently there.

Magnetic filter rods

Long-lasting pull, custom-made

Whether in wind turbines, marine engines, filter systems or for general use in machines and gearboxes: We manufacture according to drawings, ie. individually for you.


Alternatively, you can choose one of our standard products worldwide.


Our many years of experience with various magnetic materials allow us to advise you on the construction.

Magnetic plug screws

Small screw, great effect: Thanks to high-precision manufacturing, our magnetic plug screw securely holds tight and collects metallic abrasion

Thanks to its ingenious design, our SDU Bochumer Trichter® sustainably collects the metallic abrasion in the center of the funnel. On top of that, our products are quickly and tightly installed. The rolled thread can be screwed precisely into the housing, a second sealing edge or integrated sealing ring applied on request ensure the required tightness. The result: Tightness in one operation at the first assembly - indispensable for automated production.

In addition to the SDU Bochumer Trichter® we also convert standard screw plugs to magnetic plug systems. With regard to the coating, the application of a sealing ring or a second sealing edge, as well as dimensions and tolerances deviating from the standard screw plugs, there are no limits - everything according to your specifications.



  • Magnetic plug systems according to customer specifications
  • Safe and sustainable protection of your modules
  • Various uses