and corporate social responsibility

It must be a matter of course for companies to take on social responsibility.


We therefore base our actions on compliance with environmental directives and laws, the observance of labor and human rights, the implementation of ethical principles and sustainable procurement.


Our contribution to sustainability.


We have made it our business to protect the environment sustainably. That is why we plan our processes in such a way that natural resources are conserved. We therefore use important resources such as energy, water and the raw materials economically and efficiently.


Our environmental management system is certified according to ISO 14001.

Occupational safety & human rights

Our goal is to ensure the safety of employees in their daily work. We comply with legal requirements and maintain an occupational health and safety management system, which includes measures

• to avoid accidents at work,

• to minimize risk,

• for the ergonomic and efficient design of workplaces and work contents as well

• includes preventive health protection.

In addition to compliance with the legal basis, we use experience, knowledge and assessments to continuously improve occupational safety and health protection.


Our occupational health and safety management system is certified according to ISO 45001.


We commit to upholding human rights through the daily implementation of our Code of Conduct.

Ethical Principles

Corruption and bribery as well as anti-competitive practices are further components of our Code of Conduct.


Any form of bribery is prohibited.


Anti-competitive or restrictive agreements, both horizontally and vertically, are prohibited.

Sustainable Procurement

In addition to our own obligation to comply with our Code of Conduct, we also oblige our suppliers to implement it.


In addition, there are other environmentally relevant requirements, e.g. regarding the avoidance of the use of tropical woods in the shipping of goods.

EcoVadis - CSR Rating

At EcoVadis, we subjected our entire system of corporate social responsibility to an extensive analysis and received a CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) Gold Level Rating.

UN Global Compact

We have been committed to the initiative for corporate responsibility of the UN Global Compact and its principles in the areas of human rights, work, the environment and the fight against corruption since May 17, 2019.


Our contribution to sustainability.