Code of Conduct


The most important principles at a glance.

Human rights and social standards

Discrimination based on age, race, skin color, gender, sexual orientation, origin, religion or disability is strictly prohibited to all employees. This applies both to dealing with colleagues, as well as with customers and suppliers.

Occupational health and safety

Every employee is responsible for working safely at all times and adhering to company regulations. Support for this responsibility is given to all employees by their supervisors.


SDU complies with all applicable personal data protection laws. Similarly, we are committed to the protection of business secrets and intellectual property of third parties.

Environmental Protection

All employees have a duty to handle natural resources responsibly and to protect the environment at all times. All applicable laws and regulations as well as company-internal guidelines for the protection of the environment must be observed.

Antitrust Law

Anti-competitive or restrictive agreements with market entrants (horizontal agreements) are prohibited. Likewise coordinated actions. Vertical agreements with suppliers that restrict the freedom of the customer are prohibited.


Any form of bribery is prohibited. When dealing with business partners or public officials, no material benefits should be required or accepted that could influence a business decision.


The most important principles at a glance.