Steel Construction

Suitable for the construction site and delivered precisely

Tested quality in steel construction

Where people work and live, there is no compromise

Whether it is about the steel skeleton of a banking tower or the basic construction of an industrial building: where many people work and live, the consistent adherence to technical regulations is a must. 


All steel construction-specific products that we offer you comply with the national and European building regulations and therefore bear the conformity and / or CE mark. Of course, to ensure you the required safety, we only rely on qualified, certified and reliable suppliers.


Flexibility – also in the grades

Steel structures should often fluctuate as little as possible - with radio masts, for example, just a few centimeters can interfere with the well-established connection between transmitter and receiver. High-strength prestressed bolts ensure required stability.
These are high requirements on fasteners.

Depending on the purpose and location different grades are used. Our product range includes all common grades as well as the corresponding accessories. Our sales team will gladly assist you in choosing the right fasteners for your project.

Suitable for the construction site and delivered precisely

In order to save time and thus costs on the construction site, we offer parts list or project-specific picking and delivery of fasteners. The workers are concerned with this type of delivery of the really important tasks, the structure of your construction and not with time-consuming search of the appropriate fasteners.


In addition, the delivery of your construction site can be done on time and, if required, geo data accurate. By reducing the stock on your part, you will achieve further added value here.

  • Tested and certified quality
  • Parts list or project-specific picking
  • Timely deliveries
  • Industry-specific comprehensive product range