Standard Parts

Standard parts of the best quality and a large selection in our product range.




841207Slotted cheese head screws
851580Slotted pan head screws
95 Wood screws, slotted raised countersunk head
96 Wood screws, slotted round head
97 Wood screws, slotted countersunk head
186 T-head bolts with square neck
188 T-head bolts with double nib
261 T-head bolts
316, 318 Wing screws, rounded / edged wings
404 Slotted capstan screws
444 Eye bolts (swivel bolts)
464 Knurled thumb screws, high type
525 Welding studs (single end studs)
529 Masonry bolts (foundation bolts)
557 Square nuts
5584018Hexagon screws
561 Hexagon screws with full dog point
562 Square thin nuts
564 Hexagon screws with half dog point, cone end
571 Wood screws with hexagon head
580 Lifting eye bolts
6014016Hexagon bolts
6038677Mushroom head square neck bolts
604 Flat countersunk bolts with nib
605 Flat countersunk square neck bolts, long square
607 Cup head bolts with nib
608 Flat countersunk square neck bolts, short square
609 Hexagon fitted bolts, long thread
610 Hexagon fitted bolts, short thread
653 Knurled thumb screws, low type
835 Studs, metal end = 2d
906 Hexagon socket pipe plugs, conical thread
908 Hexagon socket screw plugs, cylindrical thread
910 Hexagon head screw plugs, cylindrical thread
9124762Hexagon socket head cap screws
921 Slotted cheese head screws, large head
923 Slotted cheese head screws with shoulder
9314014Hexagon head bolts with shank
9334017Hexagon head screws, fully threaded
938 Studs, metal end = 1d
939 Studs, metal end = 1,25d
9608765Hexagon head bolts with shank, fine pitch thread
9618676Hexagon head screws, fully threaded, fine pitch thread
9632009Slotted countersunk head screws
9642010Slotted raised countersunk head screws
9657046Countersunk head screws with cross recess
96514581Countersunk head screws with hexalobular socket
9667047Raised countersunk head screws with cross recess
976-1 Thread rods
2510 Double ended bolts with reduced shank (waisted studs)
6912 Hexagon socket head cap screws with low head and pilot recess
6914, DIN EN 14399-4 Hexagon bolts with large wrench size for high-strength structural bolting
6921, DIN EN 16654162Hexagon head screws with flange
 7380Hexagon socket button head screws
7500 Thread rolling screws for ISO metric thread
750415480-15483Drilling screws
7513 Thread-cutting screws
7516 Thread-cutting screws with cross recess
7604 Hexagon head screw plugs with collar
7968 Hexagon fit bolts for steel structures
79711481Tapping screws with pan head and slot
79721482Tapping screws with countersunk head and slot
79731483Tapping screws with raised countersunk head and slot
79761479Tapping screws with hexagon head
79817049Tapping screws with pan head, cross recessed
798114585Tapping screws with pan head, hexalobular socket
79827050Tapping screws with countersunk head, cross recessed
798214586Tapping screws with countersunk head, hexalobular socket
79837051Tapping screws with raised countersunk head, cross recessed
798314587Tapping screws with raised countersunk head, hexalobular socket
7984 Hexagon socket head cap screws, low head
79857045Pan head screws, cross recessed
798514583Pan head screws, hexalobular socket
7990 Hexagon head bolts for steel structures
799110642Hexagon socket countersunk head screws
7999, DIN EN 14399-8 Hexagon fit bolts with large head for high-strength structural bolting
22424 Triangle head bolts
  Chipboard screws with cross recess Z (pozidriv), pan head / countersunk head
  Chipboard screws with hexalobular socket, pan head / countersunk head

Nuts, washers and accessories

93 Tab washers with a long tab
1257089,7090Plain washers
1267091Plain washers
127 Spring lock washers
128 Spring lock washers
137 Spring washers
314, 315 Wing nuts, rounded / edged wings
431 Pipe nuts
432 Washers with external tab
4337092Washers for cheese head screws
434 Square taper washers for U-Sections (taper 8%)
435 Square taper washers for double T-Sections (taper 14%)
436 Square washers
4394035, 8675Hexagon thin nuts
4407094Washers for wood construction
462 Washers with internal tab
463 Tab washers, with long tab and wing
466 Knurled thumb nuts, high type
467 Knurled thumb nuts, low type
546 Slotted round nuts
5554034Hexagon nuts
582 Lifting eye nuts
917 Hexagon cap nuts, low type
928 Square weld nuts
929 Hexagon weld nuts
9344032, 4033, 8673, 8674Hexagon nuts
935 Hexagon slotted and castle nuts
9364035, 8675Hexagon thin nuts (lock nuts)
9377038Hexagon slotted and castle nuts, low type
9807042, 7719, 10513Prevailing torque type hexagon nuts, all-metall nuts
9827040, 7041, 10512Prevailing torque type hexagon nuts, high type, non-metallic insert (plastic)
98510511, 10512Prevailing torque type hexagon nuts, low type, non-metallic insert (plastic)
986 Prevailing torque type hexagon domed cap nuts with non-metallic insert (plastic)
988 Shim rings / supporting rings
1052 Washers for timber connectors
14408738Plain washers for clevis pins
1441 Plain washers for clevis pins
1587 Hexagon domed cap nuts, high type
1804 Slotted round nuts for hook spanner
2093 Disc springs
2510 Hexagon nuts for waisted studs
6319 Spherical washers C, conical seats D/G
6330 Hexagon nuts, 1,5d
6331 Hexagon nuts with collar, 1,5d
6334 Hexagon nuts, 3d
6340 Washers, hardened
679610670Conical spring washers
6797 Toothed lock washers
6798 Serrated lock washers
6915, DIN EN 14399-4 Hexagon nuts with large wrench size for high-strength structural bolting
6916, DIN EN 14399-6 Round washers for high-strength structural bolting
6917 Square taper washers for friction grip bolts on T-Sections
6918 Square taper washers for friction grip bolts on U-Sections
6923, DIN EN 16614161Hexagon nuts with flange
69247040, 10512Prevailing torque type hexagon nuts, non-metallic insert (plastic)
69257042, 7719, 10513Prevailing torque type hexagon nuts, all-metall nuts
7349 Washers for screws with heavy spring-type straight pins
7967 Self locking counter nuts
7980 Spring lock washers for cheese head screws
7989 Washers for steel structures
90217093Plain washers, outside diameter approx. 3d

Other fasteners

12339Taper pins
72338Parallel pins
941234Split pins
4177435Slotted grub screws with full dog point
4272342Slotted headless screws with chamfered end
4387436Slotted grub screws with cup point
471 Retaining rings for shafts, normal / heavy type
472 Retaining rings for bores
5514766Slotted grub screws with flat point
5537434Slotted grub screws with cone point
6601051Round head rivets
6611051Countersunk head rivets
705 Adjusting rings, light range
9134026Hexagon socket set screws with flat point
9144027Hexagon socket set screws with cone point
9154028Hexagon socket set screws with full dog point
9164029Hexagon socket set screws with cup point
14442341Clevis pins, full length taper grooved
14718744Grooved pins, full length taper grooved
14728745Grooved pins, half length taper grooved
14738740Grooved pins, full length parallel grooved
14748741Grooved pins, half length reverse grooved
14758742, 8743Grooved pins, third length centre grooved
14768746Grooved pins with round head
1478 Turnbuckles made of steel tubes
1480 Turnbuckles, forged
14818752Spring-type straight pins, heavy type
3570 Stirrup bolts
6799 Retaining washers for shafts
6885773, 2491Parallel keys
733715973-16585Blind rivets
73438750, 8751Spring-type straight pins
7603 Sealing rings
11024 Spring cotters for a bolt
82101 D-shackles, forged