Opencast Mining, Tunneling & Mining

Fasteners for all phases of work in opencast mining, tunneling and mining

Opencast Mining

Large quantities, large weights, smooth procedure

Tons of ore, coal, overburden: Where mining is, the burdens are high and the quality of the components must be correspondingly high. In addition, conveyor systems and belt conveyors require high precision in many places, otherwise they jam or become contaminated too quickly, instead of working smoothly. By supplying well-known customers of the industry, we have a high level of professional expertise.

Challenge us

We are strong in the standards. Even stronger in the case of drawing and special parts.

We offer - from shackles or turnbuckles, to fasteners in grade 4.6 and garland bolts - almost all common fasteners for mining, tunneling and opencast mining

Tunneling and Mining

Challenge Mining: Safety by monitored quality

Whether classical mining, mechanical or conventional tunneling, all have a common approach - propulsion, removal of the rock and securing the bores. Through our location in the heart of the Ruhr area, we have accompanied and supplied the mining industry since the company was founded. We can rely on a tremendous amount of experience due to this decade-long connection. Mines, machinery manufacturers for the excavation or manufacturers of conveyors to remove the overburden are just a few examples of our customer base in tunneling and mining. We gladly provide you with the know-how we have acquired here.


Safety is the top priority in tunneling and mining. Whether in the construction phase or later use, it is always about people in the smallest of spaces. The components used are therefore subject to the strictest requirements. Needless to say, our fasteners and machine parts for tunneling and mining meet all the necessary technical rules and regulations.