Chemical Industry

Highly resistant and highly secure


Fasteners that uncompromisingly meet your requirements. Best products, fast on the spot.

Whether in the large-scale refinery or reactor plant, whether on the tanker during transport or in the repair of a pipe connection - each individual fastener must comply with the intended requirements and company standards.


We ensure our quality by selecting qualified, approved and reliable suppliers (VdTÜV). Assured material properties are evidenced by acceptance test certificates, compliance with the material data sheets and industry-specific guidelines.


In addition to the quality of course, the compliance with your desired delivery dates has the highest priority. Together with our long-standing partners in distribution logistics, we offer you all kinds of timely deliveries (JIT, Next Day, Same Day, GPS data based supplier locations, etc.). The fasteners are on site when you need supply. Short-term procurement and, if you so wish, a so-called emergency care are possible. For secondments, we also offer an on-site service with storage container and personnel position.


We gladly develop together with you demand-oriented sets for your projects in order to shorten the assembly time and reduce any potential for errors in the selection of the fasteners by the user.


Where dangers have to be kept in check, only the best qualities are allowed. For good reason.

Pressure vessels are at the heart of almost all chemical plants. What happens inside sets highest requirements on the vessel, seals and fasteners. High loads at very different temperatures are standard. To ensure that this standard can be mastered, the Pressure Equipment Directive (DGRL), the Technical Rules for Steam Boilers (TRD) and the Material Data Sheets of the AD 2000 regulate the details. For fasteners are the data sheets W0, W2, W7 and W10 authoritative. Our fasteners always comply with these technical requirements.

Compliance with these technical and safety requirements forms the basis for protecting people and the environment.

In addition, the materials used must be both sufficiently cold-resistant and heat-resistant to keep tight in all temperature ranges. These material properties are particularly important in the expansion screws according to DIN 2510, which are used on connections of pressure equipment. For components such as hexagon socket screws, suitable strength classes provide the necessary elasticity. Alternatively, we also offer products in various industry-standard materials (1.7218, 1.7709, 1.1181, 1.4571, etc.).


  • Fasteners according to industry-specific regulations and standards
  • Reliable quality by selection of approved suppliers
  • On-demand and on-time logistics
  • Various e-business solutions

Catalogs / E-Business

We gladly take your product catalogs into the common purchasing platforms (Ariba, Simple System, Mercateo, Supply On, etc.) to simplify your order process.


There is also the possibility of a direct EDI interface between our ERP systems.